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  • 2 holds in this set.Another part of the Modular Urban Tufa, this set comprises 2 pieces that could be considered thebeginning and end of the Urban Tufa. When assembled together you can get an extra 100cm of tufafrom these two holds, by using all 4 sets of Urban Tufa it is possible to set a very unique boulderproblem on 4 metre walls.

    44,95 €
  • 2 holds in this set.Designed as extending pieces for our Modular Tufa series, one of these holds has a 45 degreejunction, which means you can “branch off” when setting the Tufa shapes. This is a fantastic featurethat will add extra interest and setting possibilities.

    47,95 €
  • 2 holds in this set.These are stand-alone shapes or extra features that work perfectly with our 6 piece Tufa system.This set allows you to extend the curve of the Urban Tufa, giving endless possibilities.

    51,95 €
  • 6 holds in this set.Our modular Tufa is an amazing set of holds that allow you to create a staggering 3 meter longfeature, a boulder problem in its own right.

    143,95 €
  • 1 Hold in this set.An amazing modular hold! This is a great pinch or huge curved edge, depending on the orientation.Since it's a modular piece, you can combine as many pieces as you like (VECTOR AND CURVEtogether) and create incredible problems.

    58,95 €