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  • 2 holds in this set.Another part of the Modular Urban Tufa, this set comprises 2 pieces that could be considered thebeginning and end of the Urban Tufa. When assembled together you can get an extra 100cm of tufafrom these two holds, by using all 4 sets of Urban Tufa it is possible to set a very unique boulderproblem on 4 metre walls.

    44,95 €
  • 2 holds in this set.Designed as extending pieces for our Modular Tufa series, one of these holds has a 45 degreejunction, which means you can “branch off” when setting the Tufa shapes. This is a fantastic featurethat will add extra interest and setting possibilities.

    47,95 €
  • 2 holds in this set.These are stand-alone shapes or extra features that work perfectly with our 6 piece Tufa system.This set allows you to extend the curve of the Urban Tufa, giving endless possibilities.

    51,95 €
  • 2 holds in this set. Size Extra Large.Just when you thought the original Tufa set couldn’t be improved…….we went and improved it!TUFA STRAIGHT SLIM is the new addition to the Urban Tufa family and allows you to extend the Tufa climbing experience by a further 2 metres! This new set is slightly narrower and thus gives a more positive hold.

    47,95 €
  • 6 holds in this set.Our modular Tufa is an amazing set of holds that allow you to create a staggering 3 meter longfeature, a boulder problem in its own right.

    143,95 €
  • 6 holds in this set.The FIVE POINTS STAR is a set of volumes made up of our holds, Triangle and Pentagon which,when assembled into one feature has a total length of 155cm total.

    289,95 €
  • 3 Holds in this set. Size Extra Extra Extra Large.HEMISPHERE from 3a Holds. Available as a three piece set that includes : Smile, Vessica andMedium. Total size is 60cm diameter and 20cm deep. There are many possibilities for setting,HemiSphere is a great set of holds that will find use for all climbing styles, especially competitions.

    177,95 €
  • Three holds in this set. Size Extra Large.VECTORS are a Family of Modular shapes that can be connected end to end to create impressivefeatures in almost any direction. The contact area is positive so you can use them on all of the yourclimbing walls and cater for many grades, be it for boulder or routes.

    154,95 €
  • Three holds in this set. Size Extra Large.CURVES is another forward thinking Modular design from the creative minds at Euro Holds Group.With Curves you can create a 130cm diameter semi-circle, or several big curves, all connectedtogether which allows you to set amazing boulder problems and awesome crux sections of routesthat is sure to please the climbers...

    175,95 €