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  • 6 holds in this set. Size (4) Large and (2) Medium. More finger pocket mastery, these positive andcomfy pockets work well for overhangs. A safe and interesting introduction to pocket pulling on lesssevere climbing walls.

    31,95 €
  • 5 holds in this set. Size Large. Very unusual pockets that are still comfortable to hold. Shaped to bepositive, allowing their use on all wall angles, including steep overhangs.

    31,95 €
  • 10 holds in this set. Size (4) Medium – (4) Large – (2) Extra Large. Extremely comfy pockets with thesame attention to detail as our smaller pockets. This set is deeper allowing use across a wider rangeof grades and wall angles.

    58,95 €
  • Huge JUG on all sides, special for roof or big overhangs

    44,95 €
  • 2 holds in this set. Size Extra Extra Large.Fed up with the queue at Hueco Tanks? No problem, Hito has reproduced the style with these epicholds. These are genuine Super Holds and will have everyone visiting your gym to pull on thesepositive shapes.

    48,95 €
  • 4 holds in this set. We call these Hueco's and were shaped by Hito Holds. Like all ofour pockets, they were very carefully carved to avoid finger injuries. These cool pockets are positiveto hold and can be set on many angles of climbing wall.*Due to the special shape and to avoid breakages, you must use all of the anti-spin screws with thisset when fixing...

    42,95 €
  • 10 holds in this set. Size Medium. Finger friendly pockets are one of the hardest shapes to get right,Rokodromo has worked with Ferran Guerrero to produce one of the best and most comfy pocketsets on the market.

    30,95 €
  • 5 holds in this set. Size Large. Eroded Sandstone design, these shapes give excellent crimp andpinchy type gripping options. All of the holds are positive making them excellent on a wide range ofwall angles.

    29,95 €
  • 5 holds in this set. Size Medium to Large. Classic shapes with different grip types, crimp, fat pinch,positive pinch, sloper and pocket.

    32,95 €
  • 1 hold in this set. Size Extra Extra Large.Minimalist and beautiful in its design, this rounded hold is very positive and finger friendly. This isperhaps the most perfect pocket jug.

    26,95 €
  • 8 holds in this set. Size Small. 2-3 finger super comfy mini jugs. Especially designed to avoid injuriesallowing long training sessions.

    25,95 €
  • 6 holds in this set. Size Small/Medium. Positive bolt on pockets, especially designed to avoid fingerinjuries. Good pocket design needs a masters degree in hold design/shaping, and is delivered here.These shapes are carefully carved to give positive first finger joint pulling. Despite the care and skillin shaping, these holds are not for beginners.

    21,95 €
  • 9 holds in this set. Size Medium. Inspired by Sandstone with superb texture, these ergonomic jugswill be at home on your steep walls and are also perfect for the easier routes and problems.

    29,95 €