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Our Company
We produce and sell Climbing Holds and Training Tools all around the world since 2009. We produced more than half million holds last year. Our catalog is always changing, currently we provide more than 1700 different shapes.
Our Material
The Polyurethane formula what we are using is directly developed for Climbing Hold producing. We have spent many many years increasing the lifetime and the color brightness of our products keeping our prices as they are.
Free Shipping
We offer free Shipping for orders over 300€ to: Deutschland, France, Italy, Hungary, UK, Belgium, Denmark, Slovenia, Austria, Netherlands, Slovakia, Czech Republic and Poland.
  • Three holds in this set. Size Extra Large.CURVES is another forward thinking Modular design from the creative minds at Euro Holds Group.With Curves you can create a 130cm diameter semi-circle, or several big curves, all connectedtogether which allows you to set amazing boulder problems and awesome crux sections of routesthat is sure to please the climbers...

    175,95 €
  • 50 screw on footholds, perfect to improve your footwork and technique.  

    28,99 €
  • 2 holds in this set. Size Extra Large. 35x10x12cmMUSE XL is a set with a pair of nice pinches from the Muse family. Ultra-modern and very cool. Pure pinch power!

    33,95 €
  • Two holds in this set. Size Extra Large. 25x10x10cm.The MUSE XL Family is growing which means you can create complete problems using thesefantastic pinch shapes. Like the other members of the Family these are ultra-modern and very cool.Need pinch power? Get MUSE!

    23,95 €
  • 16 holds in this set. Size Medium. The smallest components of the IGO family. Ergonomic and rounded jugs that are super comfy to hold, can be used on all wall angles across a wide range of grades.

    49,95 €
  • Three holds in this set. Size Extra Large.Very nice holds from the Hito SANDSTONE Family, these are positive shapes that are big enough forboth hands and perfect for overhangs. With their good looks and superb attention to detail theSandstone shapes from Hito are a sure winner.

    39,95 €
  • One hold in this set. Size Extra Extra Large.This is one quarter of the VULCAN Family. It is a great modular shape with a lot of possibilities. Youcan join 4 of them together and create a complete Vulcan as well as an infinite combination ofcrimps and fissures.

    24,45 €
  • One hold in this set. Size Extra Extra Large.This is another big hold from the PEAKS Family. The hold is very stylish and eye catching with enough room for both hands, this positive shape will find favour as a nice pinch on many boulder problems and routes.

    27,95 €
  • One hold in this set. Size Extra Extra Large.A brilliant hold for a wide grade range and setting styles, perfect for setting as an introduction toharder to hold grips in the lower grades, an area often over looked. This slightly sloping pinch is bigenough for both hands and positive enough for 30 degree walls.

    29,95 €
  • One hold in this set.This huge Sandstone feature is an amazing jug shape, big enough for both hands and has beendesigned to make a great feature on the biggest of overhangs. If you are in need of a Competitionhold, this could be it.

    59,95 €
  • Campus mini-rungs. 50mm height, easy. Made from PU.

    6,45 €
  • Campus mini-rungs. 35mm height, medium difficulty. Made from PU.

    4,85 €